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Shyamlal Pandviya Government P.G. College, Morar, Gwalior, seeks to be an excellent learning  center  of high academics standards with  more and more access, equity, excellence and employability by using all high-quality modes of teaching and learning for overall development of students.


  • To ensure Inclusion and Access of Quality education.
  • To help with all possible  means  to  underprivileged and differently able students.
  • To Provide an Environment of learning that enhances dissemination of knowledge.
  • To enhance the holistic approach aiming at integration of traditional knowledge with innovative and advanced practices.
  • To impart Social, Environmental and Gender sensitivity in students  through extension outreach.
  • To help students to attain Moral, Emotional and National Integrity.


                                                       CORE VALUES

  • Pursuit  in Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration 
  • Social responsibility 

                                                     GOALS TO BE ACHIEVED 


To  focus on self -evolution ,accountability , autonomy and innovation in college to achieve excellent center of learning and ensure personal and professional growth of students by increasing the employability.