Mathematics occupies a very important position in the modern world. It plays a vital role in technical professions and latest researches. It is a tool rather than a discipline. Mathematics is a common language of many disciplines among which Physics, economics and commerce are prominent. Students should learn these languages to understand the fare concepts of these disciplines. Mathematical tools have developed in making many advances in the present time. Following are some areas which owed to mathematics for a great extent:-


  • • Modern technology in medicine.
  • • Recent developments in communication.
  • • Fast growing of engineering.


Besides these disciplines, Mathematics had been used in Biology to Geology and from Sociology to Psychology in one or the other way.

Thus, Mathematics is always relevant from ancient periods to modern days.




1. Dr. R.N. Gupta Professor
2. Dr. D.K. Mishra Assistant Prof.
3. Dr.. Anup Singh Yadav Assistant Prof.
4. Dr. Sunita Vashneya Gupta Professor