Chemistry is the scientific study of interaction of chemical substances that are constituted of atoms or the subatomic particles: protons, electrons, and neutrons. Atoms combine to produce molecules or crystals. Chemistry is often called “the central science” because it connects the other natural sciences. Such as astronomy, physics, material science, biology and geology.

Chemistry is the integral part of the science curriculum both at the Undergraduate as well as Postgraduate level. In Graduation level the introduction to a wide variety of fundamental concepts that enable student to acquire tools and skills useful at the advanced levels. Whereby chemistry is invariably studied in any of its sub-disciplines. There are various branches of chemistry viz., Inorganic, organic , physical, Analytical, Chemical Informatics, Polymer chemistry, Biochemistry ,Pharmaceutical chemistry, industrial chemistry etc. Research and professional disciplines like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Food technology, Medical science, Agriculture science, Pathology, drug design, and Cosmetic Industries, Forensic science etc. requires fundamental knowledge of Chemistry. In brief the knowledge and advance degree in chemistry opens a variety of options for jobs.

1. Dr. (Smt.) Sadhna Shrivastav Professor
2. Dr. Swati Malhotra Professor
3. Prof. B.N. Gupta Assistant Prof.
4. Prof. A.K. Gautam Assistant Prof.
5. Prof. (Smt.) Laxmi Sharma Assistant Prof.
6. Dr. P.D. Shakya Assistant Prof.